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We use the best machinery to get you the best results. We can engrave on just about any surface. From bread to granite we can customize any designs to fit your needs.


Our Story

Legacy Designs and Engraving started its beginnings out of a project that was designed to honor my father-in-law.  After his passing in 2018, I wanted to help my mother-in-law create a legacy for him that others could see.  After dedicating much of their time and money to mission work, there wasn't a lot left after other expenses were paid that allowed her to have a memorial headstone placed right away.  My desire was to create something that both honored them and allowed for her to visit him and not have to stand or possibly sit in the car.  I purchased a small laser with proceeds from doing a brake job.  Then came the process of engraving plaques to be placed on a bench for her to sit on.  After many hours of designing, from the help of my kids, and engraving with a laser that wasn't meant to do such detailed work, the project was finally completed.  This piqued my desire to create legacies for other families, just as I did for my family.

In late 2019, my wife and I made the decision to purchase a state-of-the-art laser in order to pursue our dreams of creating such legacies.

Dennis & Donna Powell


In 1985 we started our lives together, not knowing how many changes would come about during our marriage.  In 2019 we made the decision to make a big change in the life we had known for 30 plus years.  After moving away from the community that we had grown up in as a couple, starting Legacy Designs and Engraving seemed like the perfect next step towards our retirement goals.

2020 has truly created some challenges, but there have been many happy times as well.  We are looking forward to providing state-of-the-art engraving to our new community, and also to the community we left behind.

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